Handling and Dispensing of Animal Remedies 6N2729 (NFQ Level 6)

Start date: 02 October 2020

Duration: Friday 2nd October, Wednesday 7th October, Wednesday 14th October, Friday 16th Exam: Friday 23rd October (Online exam)

Certificate: Component Specification NFQ Level 6

Cost: Member €400, Non Member €550

Programme overview

The programme is aimed at any persons working within the retail environment, that are responsible for the handling and dispensing of animal remedies. The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the safe handling, storage and sale of animal remedies in compliance with the requirements of current legislation and guidelines.

Training is delivered online through Zoom. The course is 33 hours in total with an exam taking place on 23rd October (Online exam)

Training Provider: Chevron Training

Tutors: Joe Collins MVB PhD CSci CBiol FRSB MRCVS CertEP CertVRFrank O’Sullivan MSc MVB MRCVS

Learning outcomes

  1. Explain the key requirements of current legislation governing the management and operation of an animal remedies premises
  2. Explain the storage, handling, distribution and disposal requirements for animal remedies as required by current legislation
  3. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the labelling specifications of all categories of animal remedies stored on the premises, including the significance for users and animals of any restrictions, warnings or contra-indications on labels
  4. Explain the role and duties of a “Responsible Person”deriving from current animal remedies regulations
  5. Explore the role of the major organ systems of the body and their relevance in animal health and welfare
  6. Demonstrate a knowledge of animal nutrition and husbandry with particular reference to ruminant farm animals
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of immunology in relation to farm animals
  8. Explore a range of vaccination programmes and appropriate procedures relevant to current on-farm disease conditions, to include Bovine Viral Diarrhoea, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, Clostridial Diseases, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Eischeris Coli
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of on-farm programmes related to strategic parasite control, with particular reference to anthelmintic resistance
  10. Explain of the relevant aspects of a mastitis control programme
  11. Explain the significance of antimicrobial resistance as a Public Health issue
  12. Demonstrate an understanding of disease processes and in particular those that have a public health significance
  13. Comply with the key responsibilities under current legislation and in particular those related to
    dispensing relevant prescription only medicine products under veterinary prescription
  14. Demonstrate an understanding of adverse drug reaction (ADR) and the procedures for reporting to the relevant state agency
  15. Explain the essentials of on-farm bio-security and the role of disinfectants
  16. Develop operational procedures for the supply, handling , storage, distribution and dispensing of
    animal remedies in line with current legislation and labelling requirements
  17. Evaluate prescriptions presented having regard to the requirements of current legislation
  18. Take responsibility for labelling Prescription Only Medicine (POM) animal remedies in accordance with current legislative requirements
  19. Maintain the required stock movement documentation and record keeping processes including stock control
  20. Devise processes for the safe storage and disposal of damaged and out of date product and packaging in compliance with current waste legislation
  21. Communicate effectively with colleagues and clients in relation to the sale/supply of animal remedies and associated issues, particularly in regard to contraindications, restrictions and warnings
  22. Implement the requirements pertaining to the dispensing of animal remedies as outlined in current regulations
  23. Implement product auditing, stock control and Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR PROCEDURES)
  24. Implement hygiene and vermin control of premises

Skillnet Funding

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