XLVets Veterinary Graduate Programme

Start date: 05 October 2022

Duration: October 2022 - December 2023

Location: Location varies

Certificate: Eligible for CVE Points - Varies from 6.5 - 10 (If a practical is included)

Cost: Members €1,900, Non – Members €2,500

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Learning outcomes

Our structured programme is available to all new and recent graduates. Delivered from October to December the following year, the comprehensive, practical and theory-based programme provides essential CPD required for a new graduates first job in practice.

It also provides the opportunity to be supported within a national network, plus the opportunity to meet up and network with other new graduates on a regular basis, it also gives you a solid foundation on which to build a long and fulfilling career in veterinary. 

The programme commences in October and consists of 13 modules. Days are scheduled in 2 day blocks. So this gives participants the opportunity to catch up in an informal setting during the evening dinner. 

Our next programme starts October 2022, applications are now open.

Modules & 2022/23 Dates 

Wednesday 5th October – Bovine 1
Bovine obstetrics, caesarean sections & calving, calf surgery, medicine and treatments

Thursday 6th October – Bovine 2
Anaesthesia & surgery, vasectomies. Bovine lameness, hoof surgeries. Bovine enucleation

Wednesday 7th December – Companion Animal 1
Routine small animal surgery – Anaesthetic protocols, Neutering – cats and dogs. Wetlab session includes cadaver surgery & live neutering

Thursday 8th December – Companion Animal 2
Effective Consultation Skills. The primary consult, vaccination and euthanasia consults

Wednesday 1st February – Equine 1
Castration, lameness examinations, diagnostics and treatments, markings and horse passports – the rules and regulations, colic, dentistry and endoscopy

Thursday 2nd February – Sheep 1
Sheep fertility, ewe nutrition & metabolic diseases. Caesarean sections & lambing. Infectious diseases & parasite control

Wednesday 7th June – Companion Animal 3
Trauma & wound closures. Emergencies – Acute poisoning & seizing dogs. Vaccinations & boosters

Thursday 8th June – Bovine 3
Mastitis and the farmer consultation, cell count data, milk quality and housing. Practical on farm

Wednesday 26th July – Bovine 4
Post mortem techniques & disease investigation. Secondary diseases. Practical in a knackery

Thursday 27th July – Equine 2
Equine emergencies and acute trauma/sedations and general anaesthetic options. Foaling related emergencies

Thursday 11th October – Bovine 5
Bovine 5 – Bovine reproduction and scanning

Wednesday 6th December – Small Animal 4
Ultrasound scanning

Thursday 7th December – Communications
Emotional intelligence, facilitation skills for collaborative problem solving and consultative decision making



“The XLVets Grad Programme was massively beneficial to my learning and experience in my first 2 years out on practice, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic made my other learning opportunities more limited. I would highly recommend it to anyone starting out in practice to help reinforce their experience and knowledge. Every one of the module trainers were very informative and excellent at dispensing the information in ways that we retained. Thanks to everyone involved “, Conor Carroll, 2019/2020 Cohort

The graduate programme is a great shared and safe space to learn, ask questions, make connections and master how to approach everything from the routine to the weird and wonderful. The course comprises of a mixture of book based and tactile learning so everything is reinforced and easy to understand as well as catering for different learning styles of those involved.

The organisers communicate well with the students so you are always prepared for the next module and are aware of what is to come. The teachers are chatty, welcoming and of course, well informed, making the learning atmosphere a more positive experience all round, Niamh Cobbe, 2019/2020 Cohort

I would highly recommend the XL Vets Graduate Programme. The combination of practical workshops, experienced mentors and relaxed atmosphere allows you to ask questions and gain confidence as you progress through the various modules.As you gain more clinical experience it is great opportunity to discuss the cases you have seen in practice and relate the material covered to everyday situations“, Ciara Mc Garvery, 2018/2019 Cohort

“The XLVets Graduate Programme has been a huge benefit to me. It has been a great tool in helping me gain the experience required for making the step from college to the real world of veterinary practice through lectures and demonstrations given by current veterinary practitioners.” Killian Farrell, 2017/2018 Cohort

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