XLVets Veterinary Graduate Programme (FULLY BOOKED)

Start date: 04 October 2023

Duration: 4th October 2023 - 28th November 2024

Location: Location varies

Certificate: Eligible for CVE Points - Varies from 6.5 - 10 (If a practical is included)

Cost: XLVet Ireland Member Rate €2,250, Non XLVet Ireland Member Rate €4,500

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Learning outcomes

Our structured programme is available to all new and recent graduates. Delivered from October 2023 to November 2024, this comprehensive, practical and theory-based programme provides essential CPD required for a new graduates first job in practice.

The Programme is a comprehensive mix of 13 practical and theory-based modules, providing essential CPD for a new graduates first job in practice. Graduates gain insight and exposure to core areas including; bovine, companion animal, ovine, equine and communication, encouraging them to develop and enhance multiple competencies. Days are scheduled in 2 day blocks. So this gives participants the opportunity to catch up in an informal setting during the evening dinner. 

Our 2023/2024 Programme is now FULLY BOOKED, if you want to be added to our cancellation list, in the event that a place becomes available, please email fiona.leamy@xlvets.ie


Module 1 – Bovine 1  “Bovine Obstetrics and Calf Medicine”

Wednesday, October 4th| Trainers: Donal Murphy / Kevin O Sullivan | Includes; Bovine obstetrics, caesarean sections & calving, calf surgery, medicine and treatments

Module 2 – Bovine 2  “Bovine Surgery – Essential Survival Skills”

Thursday, October 5th| Trainers: Ger Cusack / Donal Lynch | Includes; Anaesthetic options and surgical techniques. Bomasal surgery, vasectomy, digit amputation, castration, tibial neurectomy, and eyeball enucleation. 

Module 3 – Companion Animal 1  “The Do’s and Don’ts of Routine Small Animal Surgery”

Wednesday, December 6th| Trainers: Michael O Connor / Kieran O Mahony | Includes; Routine small animal surgery – Anaesthetic protocols, Neutering – cats and dogs. Wetlab session includes cadaver surgery & live neutering

Module 4 – Companion Animal 2  “Consultation Skills”

Thursday, December 7th| Trainers: Brian Faulkner – The Colourful Consultation | Includes; Effective Consultation Skills. The primary consult, vaccination and euthanasia consults

Module 5 – Equine 1  “Equine Medicine and Surgery for the Mixed Practitioner”

Wednesday, January 31st| Trainers: Donagh Mc Donnell / Chris Mc Grath | Includes; Castration, lameness examinations, diagnostics and treatments, markings and horse passports – the rules and regulations, colic, dentistry and endoscopy

Module 6 – Sheep 1  “Ovine Medicine and Flock Health”

Thursday, February 1st| Trainers: Nick Garvey / Conor Geraghty | Includes; Sheep fertility, ewe nutrition & metabolic diseases. Caesarean sections & lambing. Infectious diseases & parasite control

Module 7 – Companion Animal 3  “Maximising Patient and Practice Outcomes in the Primary Consultation”

Wednesday, June 5th| Trainers: Kieran O’Mahony / Sean Coffey | Includes; Trauma & wound closures. Emergencies – Acute poisoning & seizing dogs. Vaccinations & boosters

Module 8 – Bovine 3  “On Farm Mastitis Investigations”

Thursday, June 6th| Trainers: Jerry Crowley / Chris Mc Grath | Includes; Mastitis and the farmer consultation, cell count data, milk quality and housing. Practical on farm session

Module 9 – Bovine 4  “Post-mortem Techniques and Disease Investigation”

Wednesday, July 31st| Trainers: Ben Strugnell / Conor Geraghty | Includes; Post mortem techniques & disease investigation. Secondary diseases. Practical in a knackery

Module 10 – Equine 2  “Managing Equine Emergencies in Mixed Practice”

Thursday, August 1st| Trainers: Donal Lynch / Nick Garvey | Includes; Equine emergencies and acute trauma/sedations and general anaesthetic options. Foaling related emergencies

Module 11 – Bovine 5  “Bovine Reproduction and Scanning”

Wednesday, October 16th| Trainers: Donal Lynch / Conor Geraghty | Includes; reproductive cycle of dairy and beef cows, reproductive physiology, anatomy of the female reproductive tract, practical includes scanning pregnant and non-pregnant cows

Module 12 – Companion Animal 4  “Basics of Ultrasound Scanning”

Wednesday, November 27th| Trainer: Seamus Hoey | Includes; Ultrasound machine optimisation, distinguishing normal from abnormal abdominal organs, includes practical hands-on ultrasound examinations

Module 13 – Communications  “Communications and Emotional Intelligence”

Thursday November 28th| Trainer: Michael Cox | Includes; Emotional intelligence, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence, understanding the different communication styles and how humans are wired



Kate Carr, 2021/2022 Cohort

“The Graduate Programme was a great way for me to integrate back into the country after working in Wales for a year and a half and then making the move to come back home to Ireland. The programme allowed me to learn things that you wouldn’t read in the book, we have all gone to college and we know all the theory but it’s great to hear from more experienced vets on how they do things and also to chat with my peers and share tips and tricks. The course is based around the core competencies a young vet needs, it focuses in on what we should be doing day to day and it goes through the basics of everything that you would be expected to do in the first couple of years in practice”

Aine Mulcahy, 2021/2022 Cohort

“The XLVets Graduate Programme has been a huge benefit to me especially after the COVID-19 pandemic made my other learning opportunities more limited. I have enjoyed meeting other vets who are in the same position as me and it’s a great opportunity to share stories of cases we have seen in practice and discuss tips and tricks” 

Jonathan Collins, 2021/2022 Cohort

“I would highly recommend the XLVets Graduate Programme. The programme structure with both the theoretical and practical elements allow for real world learning. This programme provided me with skills and expertise to bring out into the working environment and back to my own practice”

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