Fear Free Veterinary Certification Programme

Start date: ONLINE

Duration: Self paced course with access for 1 year

Certificate: Fear Free Certification/CVE Points (pending approval for CVE credits by the VCI)

Cost: €150

Programme overview

Are you interested in learning about the techniques you can use to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in your patients, which in turn creates a better and safer experience for all involved, including pets, owners, and the veterinary team?

If so, book now and in 9 short hours gain your Fear Free Certification.

What do you get with Fear Free Certification?

Suitable for veterinary professionals including vets and nurses, Fear Free’s exclusive membership offers access to a range of additional benefits:

Fear Free educational library
Updated weekly, featuring articles from leading experts, includes videos, white papers, research papers and more

Access to FREE webinars
Get access to a vast library of free recorded webinars and invites to live sessions

Fear Free Toolbox
Downloadable forms, marketing materials for your clients communication and staff resources

Private Facebook Group
 Join the Fear Free closed Facebook community to share best practices, garner advice, connect with like-minded professionals

Renewal preferential price
By booking with XLVets Skillnet, renew your Fear Free membership for only €70

Your membership needs to be renewed annually in order to keep certification active and continue to gain access to all of the above benefits.

The Fear Free course covers the following topics

Fear Free Behaviour Modification Basics
Fear Free Transport of Cats and Dogs to and from the Veterinary Hospital
Fear Free Reception and Waiting Area
The Fear Free Exam Room
Fear Free In-Hospital Care
Fear Free Procedures
Pre-visit Protocols: Complementary Therapeutics, Products, and Pharmaceuticals
In-Hospital Protocols for Sedation, Anesthesia, and Analgesia

Fear Free Testimonial
Laura McDonnell RVN, The Veterinary Hospital, Gorey, Co Wexford

Upon hearing about the Fear Free concept at the XLVets conference I was very interested in completing this certificate. The concept of pets having a stress-free visit to a veterinary practice means clients will be keener to bring their pets to our practice to be treated which results in a better experience and improved welfare for the animal.

Below are just some of the ways our practice has implemented these Fear Free methods;


Bringing barking dogs out of the waiting room and allowing them wait in a separate area
Completing clinical examinations of larger dogs on the floor and not on tables which is completely alien for larger dogs
Using a rubber mat on tables for examining examine smaller dogs
Using food as a treat or distraction for nervous dogs both during clinical examinations and while taking bloods
Preventing an animal from getting too stressed during procedures like a nail clip and booking them in for this procedure to be completed under sedation to avoid fear and associated stress


Covering cat carrier with a light towel or fleece
Advising owners not to be put carriers on the floor while they wait to be seen
Completing clinical examinations at or near a window so the cat can look out & be distracted
Using food as a treat while completing clinical examinations & taking blood
Using nest boxes for cats to hide while in the cattery

Our clients have really seen the difference and we have had very positive feedback.  I would highly recommend this course.

Skillnet Funding

XLVets Skillnet is 1 of 70 training networks in receipt of grant funding from Skillnet Ireland through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and the National Training Fund. We deliver training to our veterinary members and on certain occasions to non members at a subsidised rate.

Skillnet Ireland are mandated by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science to monitor and evaluate the profile of individuals availing of our subsidised training. As a result before completing your purchase, you will be asked for the following information; Name, age, address, NFQ level, occupation and company details. This allows the Department to assess the profile of participants availing of our training (Only aggregated participant data will be reported on).

Skillnet Ireland periodically evaluates the quality and impact of the training programmes delivered by XLVets Skillnet. As a result, you may be contacted in future and asked to participate in such an evaluation.

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