NEW Agri Academy Module 5 Coccidiosis: Prevent Calf Losses on Your Farm

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Programme overview

Learning outcomes

Our Vet and trainer for this Module of Agri Academy Kieran O Mahony discusses Coccidiosis and looks at how you can prevent calf losses on your farm? We would like to extend our thanks to Bayer Animal Health for their technical expertise in creating this next Agri Academy Module.

Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease and one of the most common causes of diarrhoea in calves. Coccidiosis is a very prevalent disease in calves and has a major economic impact on Irish farms.



In this module of Agri Academy; we cover the following; key areas;

  1. What is Coccidiosis?
  2. Coccidiosis Life Cycle
  3. Symptoms
  4. Economic Impact
  5. Risk Factors
  6. Treatment
  7. Prevention
  8. Disinfection

Trainer Profile

Kieran O Mahony is a vet based in Tipperary Town, he is owner of Glen Veterinary Clinic.

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