AgriAcademy – Pneumonia: Reduce The Financial Impact In Your Herd This Winter

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Programme overview

Learning outcomes

The objective of this Agri Academy module is to provide farmers with best practice tips to help reduce pneumonia, we consider the financial impact in your herd this winter, we look at the identifying the clinical signs, ventilation, vaccinations and effective treatments.

  • The clinical signs
  • The cost of pneumonia
  • Investigating a pneumonia outbreak
  • Understanding vaccinations
  • Ventilation
  • Effective treatments


Agri Academy Module 2 – Pneumonia: Reduce The Financial Impact In Your Herd This Winter


Section 1 – What is pneumonia

  • What is pneumonia and why are cattle more prone to pneumonia?
  • What causes pneumonia? Viruses, Bacteria and Lungworm
  • What is the incidence rate of pneumonia on Irish farms?

Section 2 – The clinical signs

  • The tell-tale signs of pneumonia – recognising the symptoms of pneumonia in your herd
  • Examining the clinical signs in an individual animal
  • Taking an accurate temperature

Section 3 – Counting the cost

  • The cost of pneumonia and the associated direct costs
  • The hidden costs of poor performance and late finishing

Section 4 – Investigating a problem

  • Investigating a pneumonia outbreak
  • How do we make an accurate diagnosis of a problem?
  • Diagnostics – various samples your vet may take, sample case

Section 5 – Understanding vaccinations

  • Understanding vaccinations and what they do
  • Cold chain – proper storage and administration
  • Timing of vaccines – creating a calendar approach with some brands and strains

Section 6 – The role of ventilation

  • The principles of housing and good ventilation
  • Assessing ventilation on farm, smoke bombs

Section 7 – It’s multifactorial

  • Pneumonia is multifactorial
  • Dealing with lung worm
  • Understanding stress and why we have to minimise it
  • Weaning stocking densities and mixing age groups

Section 8 – Effective treatments

  • Treating pneumonia – the principles of early identification and prompt treatment
  • Choosing treatments
  • The benefit of anti inflammatories
  • Getting your vet involved in proper treatment plans


  • The need for prevention
  • AMR and the use of oral antibiotics
  • Moving your pneumonia from cure to prevention

Trainer Profile

Donal Lynch is originally from Dublin and is now based and working in Tullamore. He qualified as vet in UCD in 2000. He is past President of Veterinary Ireland and past Chairperson of the Food Animal Group of Veterinary Ireland. He is also a member of XLVets IRELAND, a group of independently-owned veterinary practices that have come together to work to improve the health of the animals under their care. Since qualification he has worked in mixed general practice with particular emphasis in cattle health and production. Prior to qualifying as a vet he spent time working in the agricultural sector on a large progressive dairy herd. Donal maintains a keen interest in all veterinary and agricultural matters. Donal is a member of the IBR Technical Working Group and one of the Veterinary Ireland representative on the BVD Implementation Group.

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