XLVets Skillnet developed the first Veterinary Practitioner Graduate Programme in Ireland in 2017. Our structured programme is available to all new and recent veterinary practitioner graduates. Delivered over 15 months, this comprehensive, practical and theory-based programme provides essential CPD required for a new vet graduates first role in practice.

In 2023, XLVets Skillnet have also recently developed the first Veterinary Nurse Graduate Programme in Ireland. This programme is specifically designed for newly qualified veterinary nurses or those less than 3 years qualified. Delivered over 6 months, this comprehensive programme focuses on bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world practice, empowering nurses to navigate the challenges of veterinary care with confidence.

Veterinary Practitioner Graduate Programme

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Veterinary Nurse Graduate Programme

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“The Graduate Programme was a great way for me to integrate back into the country after working in Wales for a year and a half and then making the move to come back home to Ireland. The programme allowed me to learn things that you wouldn’t read in the book, we have all gone to college and we know all the theory but it’s great to hear from more experienced vets on how they do things and also to chat with my peers and share tips and tricks. The course is based around the core competencies a young vet needs, it focuses in on what we should be doing day to day and it goes through the basics of everything that you would be expected to do in the first couple of years in practice”

Kate Carr

Glenamaddy Veterinary Services