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September 30, 2022

Responding to the direct needs of business: XLVets Skillnet & Glen Veterinary Case Study

XLVets Skillnet developed the first Veterinary Graduate Programme in Ireland in 2017. Skillnet Ireland have just completed an excellent Case Study of the programme, with member business Glen Veterinary, run by Kieran O’Mahony and his Team.

Kieran O’Mahony, Owner & Vet, Glen Veterinary commented; “The world of veterinary medicine is evolving at a rapid rate. It’s important for us to have XLVets Skillnet there to provide us with options for training that we can train ourselves and our staff to provide the services that our patients and their owners expect.”

XLVets Skillnet & Glen Veterinary Case Study

About Our XLVets Veterinary Graduate Programme

Our structured programme is available to all new and recent veterinary graduates. Delivered over 15 months, this comprehensive, practical and theory-based programme provides essential CPD required for a new graduates first role in practice.

The Programme is a comprehensive mix of 13 practical and theory-based modules, providing essential CPD for a new graduates first job in practice. Graduates gain insight and exposure to core areas including; bovine, companion animal, ovine, equine and communication, encouraging them to develop and enhance multiple competencies. Days are scheduled in 2 day blocks. So this gives participants the opportunity to catch up in an informal setting during the evening dinner.

Our next programme starts October 2022, applications are now open, for more details click learn more.

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