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November 3, 2022

FREE Webinar for farmers delivered by XLVets Skillnet “Maximising Success At Dry Off”

XLVets Skillnet in collaboration with Zoetis Animal Health hosted a FREE webinar which focused on what a successful dry period looks like and how this can be monitored and measured. Our panel of experts also discussed selective dry cow therapy, and what this means for farmers and their vets?

Our host Kieran O Mahony, Glen Veterinary Clinic, was joined by a panel of experts vet Kevin O Sullivan, Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic, Cork, Dairy Farmer Vanessa O’ Connor, Dairy Advisor Don Crowley, Teagasc and Area Veterinary Manager Charles Chavasse, Zoetis.

The webinar was live streamed via YouTube and included a mix of on farm demos, live discussions with our panelists and Q&A from our audience.

Over 90 minutes, we helped viewers embrace the challenges, avoid the pitfalls and learn valuable techniques on how best to dry off your herd. We covered all aspects of preparation for, and carrying out of, drying off cows, and how best to prepare for a successful milking season next year.

Feedback from our audience:

“Having a farmer on the panel was very effective, Dairy Farmer Vanessa O’ Connor was extremely informative, she outlined the practicalities of drying off and showed the high standards that are needed to carry out selective dry cow”

“The advice given particularly around maximising cleanliness and milk recording was excellent”

Watch the full event in the video below:

To access more training, visit https://xlvetsskillnet.ie/training-courses/

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