XLVets Skillnet Cancellation Policy 

Last Updated: 17th May 2022 

Cancellations Policy – Delegates 

– XLVets Skillnet funded training courses selected by a client will be invoiced prior to the course being held. 

– In the event of a cancellation or a no show on a course by the client, the following applies;

  • Cancellations over 7 days in advance of the scheduled training date shall incur no cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations within 7 days up to 72 hours of the scheduled training date shall incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the cost. 
  • Cancellations received less than 72 hours before the course, are not entitled to a refund. 
  • Where a client has booked a course and does not attend on the day, full payment of the invoice is still required. 

XLVets Skillnet will endeavour to fill any cancelled space and if successful, we will issue a refund in full. 

Cancellation Policy – XLVets Skillnet 

– In the event of there being insufficient numbers booked onto an event, XLVets Skillnet reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event.  If an event is cancelled, clients will be offered a full refund where payment has already been made. 

– In the event of a course requiring rescheduling due to instructor illness or unavailability, the cost of the course will be refunded in full, or alternatively rescheduled at a mutually acceptable date. 

To request a cancellation 

All cancellations should be sent in writing to fiona.leamy@xlvets.ie before the course commencement date.  

Questions about our Policy 

If you have any questions about this Cancellation Policy, please contact us: 

By email: office@xlvets.ie
By phone: +353 61 381505