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Launched in 2011, XLVets Skillnet is a learning network supporting the training needs of the veterinary and farming sector in Ireland.

Veterinary Sector

Our veterinary members work collaboratively to share best practice, when
training opportunities are identified we can respond quickly by creating flexible, practical training programmes that are relevant and tailored to the needs of the veterinary sector.


Farming Sector

The objective of these training programmes is to enhance farm productivity and efficiency through the provision of relevant, practical training on behalf of Ireland’s farming community. If you are part of a discussion group, our panel of expert trainers can deliver bespoke training to your group.

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About Skillnet Ireland

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Management Development

Enhancing management capacity, particularly in SMEs, is key priority for all Skillnet Ireland networks. In addition to the programmes our network delivers, Skillnet Ireland has a suite of Management Development Programmes available to help business owners and managers improve business performance and enable businesses achieve better results. Click here for more information on the Skillnet Ireland website.


One of the main principles of organic livestock farming is to maintain the…

highest possible animal health and welfare standards. We have participated in a number of XLVets Skillnet programmes delivered by trainer Mark Drought, Avondale Veterinary. Mark has always been available to give advice on any animal health issues and assisted Cloragh Organic Farm in drawing up an animal health plan that has helped prevent disease on our farm and improve overall flock health.“
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Lucy Tottenham

Cloragh Organic Farm, Wicklow

“The graduate mentorship programme is a fantastic opportunity…

“to meet other young vets adjusting to the reality of veterinary life! The first veterinary job after college can be quite daunting and challenging. The programme provides a chance to gain valuable knowledge from vets that have been working in the profession for many years. It is directed in a pleasant and informal manner with hands on practical experience. The speakers involved make a huge effort to involve every participant throughout the course. The programme has been invaluable to me in gaining knowledge about many aspects of the veterinary profession. It has also given me the chance to meet people from the XLVet network throughout the country. I have enjoyed getting to know the participants also and I hope that we can stay in contact in the future.””
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Dolores Cassells

Tullamore, Co. Offaly